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Zweigart 25 Count Needlepoint Fabric Color 1219 - Easy Grid Fabric Zweigart Fabric - HobbyJobby

Circular Knitting Needles

"Circular knitting needles are highly versatile, suitable for both round and flat knitting projects, offering the added benefit of distributing the garment's weight comfortably on your lap. If you're looking for guidance on using circular needles, check out our beginner's guide for helpful tips! Whether you favor the warmth of wooden knitting needles or the reliability of plastic ones, we offer circular needles in various materials and sizes. Explore our selection of interchangeable circular knitting needles to meet your needs for future projects, or consider grabbing an entire set of knitting needles for a comprehensive knitting toolkit.
Prix d'origine €7,16 - Prix d'origine €9,38
Prix d'origine
€7,16 - €9,38
€7,16 - €9,38
Prix actuel €7,16

AddiPremium Classic Rundstricknadel 40 cm


The addi classic. It inspires generations with its extremely smooth surface structure, the perfectly finished brass tip, the finest transitions and...

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Prix d'origine €7,16 - Prix d'origine €9,38