Cross stitch to develop creativity

In addition to improving concentration and coordination, the cross stitch has been used since ancient times as a therapy to relax and stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain.

The cross stitch has a long history. The oldest fragments come from Central Asia and date from 850 a. C. There was a time when this technique was only used to weave items, but over the years the cross stitch has proven to have a myriad of therapeutic benefits. Many people have taken this form of embroidery as a way to relax and stimulate creativity.​

It has been shown that focusing on a task such as the cross stitch for a long period of time improves the level of concentration and coordination between the hands and eyes. It also stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with creativity. That is why people who have jobs with a high level of responsibility, in which they are constantly required to develop creative solutions, find in the cross-stitch a good training for the creative area of the brain, as would any artistic discipline.​

This type of people also conceive the cross stitch as an exercise that helps to improve attention, since to make an embroidery a great state of concentration is needed. It has been shown that getting to that point reduces blood pressure; and when creating useful and beautiful objects, the level of self-confidence increases, since when it is finished a product of its own creation is obtained as a result of personal effort.​

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