1. Fold the fabric twice to find the center point of the fabric and superimpose it on the center of the diagram indicated by the arrows (Fig. 1)

2. Place the fabric in the frame, avoiding strong stretches that dislodge the points of the fabric or damage it

3. Counting from the center down, find the lowest point of what your finished embroidery will be and start embroidering from there

4. Avoid knots. To secure the thread, pass the needle through the vertical threads of the fabric braid (with 3 or 4 will suffice) and always do it from the back (Fig. 2)

5. The cross stitch is carried out with double or triple thread, depending on the type of fabric being used: Aida 18 and Aida 16 must be embroidered with double thread, while Aida 14 must be embroidered with triple thread. The type of fabric will always be indicated on the cover. The contour, if necessary, would be carried out with a single thread and through the back point (Fig. 6)

6. If the diagram indicates half a cross stitch, you should only trace the base point (Fig. 3 A)

7. The layout of the points that will form the cross must always be drawn in the same direction (the lower ones in one direction and the overlapping ones in the opposite direction)

8. First trace all the bottom points (the base points) of the line (Fig.3 A) and then all the overlapping points (Fig.3 B)

9. Base stitches should be embroidered from bottom left to top right. On the other hand, the overlapping points must be drawn from bottom right to top left (Fig. 3)

10. Be very careful not to over-tighten the stitches, as this would deform the fabric and affect the final result

11. Also avoid knots to secure the cross stitches already drawn; to secure them, insert the thread between the points already drawn in the same color (Fig. 7)

12. When the job is done, soak the fabric (in room temperature water) for 2-3 minutes. After time, rinse the fabric carefully and lay it horizontally on a flat surface to dry it (never wring the fabric, as the embroidery will deform if you do so)

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