The kit contains: 8 fixing bars (position 1 - 4), two cylinders (position 5) and 12 fixing accessories (position 6 - 9). The assembly of these materials is carried out according to the drawing (Fig. 1). Both the frame and the side supports are mounted separately and joined at the end. In order to correctly assemble the frame with supports, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

The assembly of the frame (The screws (position 6) used to mount the frame measure 3.5 cm)

Fix the cylinders (position 5) with the bands at the top and oriented towards the workspace with the fixing bars (position 4).

Do not try to insert the cylinder into the second hole of the fixing bars.

Tighten the wing nuts (position 8) securely so that the screws (position 6) reach the bars (position 4), then loosen them slightly.

Sew one of the fabric margins to one of the cylinder bands, and the other to the other band. It is recommended to use a thicker thread for this, applying the basic basting stitch. Tighten the wing nuts to the first cylinder well, turning the second cylinder afterwards, stretch the fabric well and fix the cylinder by tightening the wing nuts. To change the position of the fabric, simply loosen the wing nuts a little, rotate the cylinder in the necessary direction, and retighten the nuts.

The assembly of the side supports (The screws (position 6) used to mount the side supports measure 4 cm)

On the fixing bar (position 1), fix the bar at the front (position 2), and the bar at the rear (position 3), tightening them well with the fixing accessories (pos. 6,7,8). Tilt the bars (pos. 2 and 3) inward until they cross, then fix them together by selecting the appropriate height for you.

The final set-up (The screws (pos. 6) used for the final set-up measure 7 cm)

Fix the frame in the recesses in the upper part of the bars (pos. 3) of the lateral supports.

Attention! Do not forget to put the wooden ring (pos. 9) between the fixing accessories that connect the frame to the lateral support.

The rack with supports is now ready, hopefully it will help you a lot during your work.

Good luck!

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