What do you like best, CROSS POINT OR PETIT PUA (PETIT POINT)?

How beautiful the flowers are, especially the roses.

Today I bring you two paintings, one in Petit Point and the other in Luca-S Cross Stitch with some fantastic roses.

1. Cross stitch embroidery.

"B547 Basket of Roses" has stockings of 42.5x34 cm and contains an Aida 18 fabric from the brand "Zweigart"

2. The same design embroidered in petit point.

"G547 Basket of roses" has the stockings of 30x24 cm and contains a specific fabric from the brand "Zweigart" 25ct.

What technique do you like best, the cross stitch or the petit point?

Leave a comment with your opinion.

#crossstitchkit #crossstitch #embroidery

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