Complete Cross Stitch Kits

On this page you can find and buy cross-stitch kits of various themes.
The cross stitch embroidery kits contain instructions, Aida "Zweigart" fabric, "Anchor" threads and needle. There are many different themes and several levels of difficulty. We have selected varied motifs: Landscapes, Flowers, Children, Animals, Abstract paintings ....

  • B1174 5.jpg

    Cross Stitch Kits - Baby

  • 9195f6_1e49b3d248ff461c9d5219801965ed22~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Flowers

  • 120361721_2823588954536126_5052486004555

    Cross Stitch Kits - Landscapes

  • 589 2.jpg

    Cross Stitch Kits - Cities - Houses

  • 9195f6_7f5834e9d4e94ef5bac96022df0f8a40~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Still Life

  • 121083677_2832330286995326_7407260970605

    Cross Stitch Kits - Christmas

  • 9195f6_1cb6ad2adfd244fbbdf0016879e33c8c~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Romantics

  • 9195f6_b6682730c3174fc4ad1447f88115a37a~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Cars

  • 9195f6_1ef362c45d7049aaa6bd48ebf20453e4~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Various

  • 9195f6_894d2129a5b04c43851e65fb3590d4c6~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Animals

  • 9195f6_b57510f5ccd04a1f944d308b7f5b39cf~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Christmas Decorations

  • 9195f6_178552eac1114cb89ff2297ad49dd9cf.

    Cross Stitch Kits - Classics

  • 9195f6_3ac2c16d9f614050864fe297a5552b7a.

    Cross Stitch Kits - Portraits and People

  • 9195f6_64cce3f72ebe41718428a495edc4a214.

    Cross Stitch Kits - Great Painters

  • 9195f6_2bf422795ff7469d867ad048a61fa00f.

    Cross Stitch Kits - TeddyBear

  • 9195f6_fd17b0900a4a4c7aa2e5f7c5013f495c.

    Cross Stitch Kits - First Embroidery

  • 9195f6_c68b17dd3556471fa029e22e48755062~

    Cross Stitch Kits - Religious

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