Here you will find a variety of thread brands such as DMC, Anchor, Ljubica, Rosace and Luca-S
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Mouline Anchor, DMC, Luca-S, Ljubica, Rosace Threads

Anchor - Catalogo de colores

High Quality Threads.


They are skeins of 8 meters, made with the best cotton in the world, imported from Egypt. The skeins have 6 threads that can be separated with a slight twist, and be used from 1 to 6 threads, depending on the embroidery technique or fabric you are using.

     Prices(per Skein):

DMC - £1.25 
Anchor - £1.10
Luca-S - £0.95
Ljuciba - £1.00

Rosace - £0.85


You can order in boxes of 12 and 24 to get even better prices!

To order Anchor, DMC, Luca-S, Ljubica, Rosace threads, email us on
To order you will need to select the number of the threads you want and we will provide you an invoice.

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